Chengde Shenghejia Network Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established eight years ago, focusing on Chengde's web site and Chengde's website company.
Service Tel: 186 3144 4913
Website building

Website construction from RMB 680

SME company official website, computer website + mobile website + WeChat website triple-play

domain registration

Domain registration / from 90 yuan

One-stop registration of URL domain names, .com / .cn / .org / .net / / and other domain suffixes

Web hosting, cloud server

Web Hosting / RMB198

Supports windows / linux operating system, programming languages such as Html / asp / php / cgi, and comes with various databases

WeChat public account

WeChat public account / 200 yuan

WeChat (subscription number / service number) on behalf of operations, daily article writing, event planning, WeChat mall, distribution mall, etc.

WeChat Mini Program

WeChat Mini Program / from 200 RMB

Quickly generate WeChat applets with one click. Suitable for all SMEs, individual businesses and physical store owners without technical support.

Custom services

Customized service / from 3000 yuan

Customized services based on customer's independent requirements, such as art design, custom program development, etc.

company news

The latest company news, said to build a website, talk about network marketing



The company is about to reach 8 years, we are still in Chengde ...

The company is about to turn 8 years old, and we still provide station building services in Chengde. year 2011...



Our company provides construction ...

Provide construction support for Hebei Hu Guochen Law Firm, Hu Guochen Law Firm, ...



Signed a contract with Hebei Taifeng Real Estate Co., Ltd ...

Our company signed a contract with Hebei Taifeng Real Estate Company to build a PC website, mobile phone website ...



Our company undertakes an agricultural technology company in Chengde, building ...

Our company undertakes an agricultural technology company in Chengde to build a B2C agricultural e-commerce industry network ...



Thanks to the trust of enterprise customers in Chengde, 6,7 ...

Chengde Shenghejia Network Technology Service Co., Ltd., Thanks to the enterprise customers in Chengde ...



Our company created Chengde Internet Technology Community, Huan ...

Our company created the Chengde Internet Technology Community, welcome technical staff to join the community ...



From now on, we will officially undertake the company name of Chengde ...

With the launch of WeChat Mini Programs, I have been following and studying carefully ...



Foreign trade enterprise website, comprehensive upgrade adaptive response ...

Beginning this month, the website of foreign trade enterprise customers will be fully upgraded with adaptive response network ...



Notes for customers in Chengde website registration in 2017

Notice to customers of Chengde regional website registration in 2017 Since February, the recent website ...